The SSTH presents its 23 newly qualified hotel management leaders

All 23 graduates from the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) in Passugg have every reason to be proud of themselves. On Thursday, May 26, 2016, they received the prestigious graduation certificate from the college of professional training and education and are now proud bearers of the “Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management”. The graduates can now go out into the world equipped with a solid training in the quintessential Swiss values of quality, diligence and hospitality, and will undoubtedly make a positive mark on the hotel and catering sector with their utter professionalism.

23 new professionals in hospitality and catering

In all, 19 German-stream and four English-stream graduates trained for three years to earn their Swiss Professional Degree at the SSTH in Passugg. Top of the class among this year’s graduates was Yolanda Bosshardt from Savognin with a final grade of 5.5. The 23 freshly qualified hospitality and catering professionals were presented with their coveted certificates at a special ceremony attended by Markus Brocker (member of the SSTH Board), Gabriela Senn (Head of Education for the Swiss Hotel Association), Adrian K. Müller (Hotel Stern Chur), Dominique R. Gerber and Daniel Grünenfelder (members of the exams board) and Werner Nef (customer advisor at HOTELA).

Immersed in the world of hospitality

Knut G. Rupprecht, Director of the SSTH, congratulated the graduates on their achievement and is confident that the School’s efforts to immerse the students in the world of professional hospitality have succeeded. The practical experience and diverse range of vocational skills that the students acquired this way provide the first solid step in their career path. They can now carry the core Swiss values they have learned – such as quality, diligence and hospitality – out into the world and accumulate new experiences along the way. The recent Swiss degree accreditation of the course, which provides an international benchmark for its quality and status, will undoubtedly stand them in very good stead. Daring, dedication and professionalism are the three key factors that the students should embody. Guest speaker Adrian K. Müller, Managing Director of the Hotel Stern in Chur, offered the following inspirational advice: “Be courageous decision-makers, always give 100 percent, and apply the skills you have learned during your elite training whenever and wherever you can.” Ulrike Kuhnhenn, Rector of the SSTH, rounded off the ceremony by explaining that the neck scarves awarded to the students represent the academic honor they have achieved and wishing the graduates “the kind of joy in your work that comes from your hearts and the knowledge that you have found your vocation!”

Highly sought-after managers thanks to their practice-based training

The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality trains management staff for the hotel and catering sector. The “Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management” is accredited by the federal framework for professional colleges as a tertiary training program. The degree enjoys a high reputation in the sector, as it stands for a diverse range of managerial skills in strategic and operative aspects coupled with solid and extensive practical knowledge. This high degree of professional insight and acumen opens the door to exciting careers, both at home and abroad. And the learning doesn’t have to end here! SSTH students can always return to Passugg in the future should they wish to upgrade their degree to the Bachelor’s awarded by the EHL parent organization.